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Story of a project

The creation of the Touch Museum was an idea of: “Comunità Montana Alto Verbano”, Elide Del Negro and Council of Trarego Viggiona.
The “Comunità Montana Alto Verbano” had the desire to create a space where they could collect and represent the main natural features and environment of the land, for the tourists and for educational purposes.
The designer Elide Del Negro had scientifically researched and worked with the visually impaired inaugurazioneand wanted to create a place where it was possible to " see with hands " and testing and developing sensory experiences.
The Council of Trarego Viggiona, with foresight, made available the premises of the elementary school, which had closed years ago , for this unique and valuable proposal. The important financing from the Cariplo Bank Foundation and contributions from the enthusiastic people of Trarego Cheglio and Viggiona coordinated by Pro Loco, has helped in the completion of this project.
The museum, established since 2006 , welcomes people and groups with and without sensory disabilities and / or mobility , children , adolescents, adults and visitors who are generally interested in knowing , touching with their hands, the reconstructed environments in dioramas that wind along in more than 200 square meters of exhibition space.

The museum

The exhibition is divided into several dioramas offering reconstructions of environments using living plants, specimens of local animals , and natural elements e.g. rocks , as well as objects such as fruits, berries , wood, nests , leaves ... The rooms display:
• Summer alpine pasture , which describes the use of tools and objects used by the locals in the mountain environment.
• Beehive, showing the tools and products.
• The high altitude displays the typical characteristic of animals and vegetation found in the area interno1and samples of rocks specific to this mountain region.
• Coniferous forest has living specimens of trees that provide an experience of the smell and feel of the local resinous plants which grow in the region.
• The hillside forest exhibits beech trees , chestnut trees , and a multitude of animals such as fox , badger, and species of nocturnal and diurnal birds.
• Reed showing its particular flora and fauna
The exhibitions incorporate the senses by allowing the participant to experience the objects by touch; the use of olfactory senses by means of the resinous plants and berries and other objects on display; and auditory senses through the background sounds of nature and animals.
The museum has chosen an owl as its mascot. The owl , besides being cute and funny, shows the purpose of the museum. It is a bird of the night that relies on its extraordinary hearing rather than sight. Our mascot winks at the visitors thus inviting them by saying : " Try it yourself by closing one eye or even both and you will, nevertheless, experience the beauty of nature as displayed in this special museum”.