The tourist guide


History and paths of Conca Verde Lake Maggiore

La  copertina della guida
This guide was created with the intent to invite you to visit and get to know the territory of Trarego Viggiona and its many shades of green, which extend between lake and mountains in the unique landscape of Lake Maggiore.
Trarego Viggiona is easily accessible from Cannero Riviera in just 10 minutes on a comfortable and scenic road that goes in altitude, and, through the Pass of Col (1,238 m) to Verbania. The entire circuit is completely paved is 50 kilometers away and offers the possibility of several paths, as well as easy access to several sites in the Cadorna Line, architectural complex dating back to the First World War military currently under re-evaluation (for MTB).
It is not easy to grasp and briefly describe all small or immense wonders that you can meet and all the elements that contribute to the beauty of this land. It was therefore decided to select the essential features of our country in its different thematic aspects, suggesting circuits easy hiking distance that can guide the visitor along a path that passes through the tradition, culture and history of our people.
For each subject area, as well as routes in the area, offers the possibility of connecting with the museum of the Tactile Museum of Natural Sciences of Lake and Mountains, a small jewel cultural and unusual exhibition proposal, which opened in December 2006 and set up thanks to ' combined efforts of the Mountain Community High Verbano, the City of Trarego Viggiona and Pro Loco Cheglio Trarego Viggiona, with the important support of the Foundation Cariplo. The museum combines aspects of education on the local natural environment with the ability to use all the materials on display with touch: an opportunity for special knowledge for the public and for those who wish to approach nonvedente with all your senses to the richness of this area.

La guida è disponibile in due versioni in lingua italiana e tedesca presso gli uffici della Pro Loco.